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This is the real deal. Unaged and hard edged, XXX Shine is a Whiskey without boundaries: a blend of hand selected American corn is distilled three times (XXX) in a copper pot still. High proof, yet surprisingly smooth, this Whiskey rocks! The traditions of the backwoods are combined with the talent and sophistication of the city to forge a truly exceptional spirit. As a shot, on the rocks or with your favorite mixer, XXX SHINE Whiskey more than satisfies. This True American Spirit is designed by the land and Defined by the Drinker.


A Bit of History

The one time capitol of the United States, Philadelphia Pennsylvania is now the capitol of moonshine consumption *  Not only that, Philadelphia has begun crafting its very own! Not since the days before Prohibition was 'legal' moonshine distilled in these parts. Might that old pipeline of contraband hooch from Virginia (I-95N) become obsolete within a few days of the release of XXX SHINE Whiskey?

It's often thought, incorrectly, that Virginia and North Carolina made all the moonshine during Prohibition. Yes, those states did and, to some extent, still do provide a large volume of the spirit sold within our borders. But if your quest during Prohibition was quality over quantity, then only Pennsylvania would fit the bill.

Prince David Farrington of Pennsylvania is widely regarded by historians and the people of the time as the most respected distiller of his era and his illegal distillate was a prized possession throughout our nation, even being highly regarded in Canada where distilled spirits were legal and readily available to the public. The pure Quality of this real American Whiskey made Prince
David Farrington a millionaire!

Philadelphia Distilling, the first craft distiller in the state of Pennsylvania since Prohibition is ready to release its very own Whiskey.

* Chasing The White Dog, by Max Watman

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